Plexicushion is a specialist product that can be used under a Plexipave Netball or Tennis surface for enhanced performance and reduced muscle fatigue. This cushioned surface enables players to play ‘on’ the surface rather than ‘in’ the surface.

With outstanding shock-absorbing features Plexicushion provides players with a firm surface to play on. This reduces the risk of pulled muscles and twisted ankles. Unlike most other conventional surfaces
Plexicushion is less traumatic on joints making it a better health alternative for players of all ages.
Plexicushion encourages high performance by offering exceptional traction and accurate bounce.

There are three different Plexicushion options catering for different budgets and needs:

Plexicushion Prestige – the original cushioned surface comprised SBR and EPDM rubber granules; compressed plastic particles; specials minerals bound by water-based polymers.

Plexicushion Tournament – Identical in design to the industry favourite Prestige system, but more affordably constructed by removing on layer of basecoat.

Plexicushion Competition – this new cushioned surface system combines the force reduction Plexitrac system, with Plexicushion consistency. It’s the ideal unified surface for indoor use and warm-weather climes.