Every sporting venue in New Zealand has its own unique requirements. Plexipave NZ can customise your Plexipave, Plexicusion or OmniCourt Synthetic Grass Product to suit your climatic conditions; environmental circumstances, your needs and expectations. Plexipave products can be applied over asphalt or concrete, or they can be used to upgrade existing acrylic surfaces, protecting the underlying surface. While Plexipave is suitable for most indoor and outdoor sporting surfaces, for extra comfort and a softer impact on your muscles and joints. The premium Plexicushion surface can add a new element to your sporting experience. The systems of Plexipave, Plexicushion and Omnicourt Synthetic Grass are engineered to provide a smooth sporting surfaces that promote optimum performance.

Coloured acrylic line paint on your sporting court or field will always be applied to international standards. As well as reducing glare for players, the lines are incredibly hard wearing and provide the perfect finishing touch to a court or track.



Plexipave products are made of a seamless surface, free of weak spots that can make other sporting surfaces vulnerable to deterioration and extreme New Zealand weather conditions.

The Plexipave sporting surfaces have the ability to ‘breathe’ without losing its bond to the original underlying surface. The top coating is UV-stable, making Plexipave products truly resilient to rain and sun.

Compared with other options in New Zealand for sports courts or playing surfaces, Plexipave is low-maintenance, long-lasting, and cost-effective because it can be resurfaced without first removing the old surface.



All Plexipave and Synthetic Grass sporting products are supplied and installed by our team at Plexipave NZ. Our specialist applicators are trained to international standards and share our commitment to quality products to improve all sporting experiences across New Zealand. This shared commitment ensures that every surface is engineered to suit its specific requirements and every installation runs as smoothly as our product.



The first step is treating and preparing the concrete or asphalt base. Next, we would typically apply the acrylic resurfacer undercoat, then two topcoats of Plexipave Acrylotex. Finally, we lay Line Paint, what gives your sporting ground the colour and lines you need to play the game.

Both our Plexipave and Plexicushion sporting surfaces are applied in layers, to give you a hard-wearing, long-lasting sporting surface suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor activities.



The premium surface of the Plexipave range is Plexicushion, a specialist product where the rubber is laid under the acrylic-based top surfaces. For enhanced performance and reduced muscle fatigue. With outstanding shock-absorbing features, Plexicushion provides players with a firm surface to play on, while reducing the risk of pulled muscles and twisted ankles. Unlike other conventional sporting surfaces. Plexicushion is less traumatic on joints making it a better health alternative for players of all ages.

Plexicushion encourages high performance for players with reduced fatigue and strong surface to foot grip, without impacting the natural spin and accurate bounce of the ball in play. The extra Plexicushion layers are made from a special blend of latex, rubber and plastic particles form the shock-absorbent bond between the concrete and the top layers of Plexipave. We can customise the level of cushioning to suit your personal preferences or the speed of play.