Plexipave is a multi-layer acrylic coating suitable for in- and outdoor tennis courts. Each layer contributes to the overall efficacy of the product. The finishing layer produces a surface ideally suited to tennis – less ball and shoe wear.

Plexipave attracts temperatures up to 5-7ºC lower than asphalt or concrete surfaces.
The final product is richly coloured – ideal for in- or outdoors courts. Not only reacting to bounce and spin accurately, the speed of the surface can be customised according to court requirements. (This is one of the reasons why Plexipave is the most popular choice for court installations all over the world.)
Plexipave layers can be customised according to speed and client requirements.

The ITF has graded Plexipave as follows:

(Technical specs as current)

Plexipave surfaces are easy and economical to maintain requiring no bagging and rolling. Our authorised applicators worldwide can resurface Plexipave applications without removing the existing surface.


Every venue has its own unique requirements. Plexipave can be customised to suit climactic conditions; environmental circumstances; client needs and expectations.

Plexipave products can be applied over asphalt or concrete; used to upgrade existing acrylic surfaces, protecting the underlying surface. The number of layers determines the desired effect: For example, greater player comfort is achieved by adding Plexicushion underlay (another exciting California Products Corporation innovation).

It reduces body impact and the muscle fatigue often experienced by players in their feet and ankles.

The system of layers is engineered to provide a smooth surface that promotes optimum performance because Plexipave can be adjusted to determine the desired speed of play.

Coloured acrylic line paint means non-glare lines. It also provides the perfect finishing touch to a court or track.


Plexipave products are made of a seamless surface, free of seams and weak spots that can make other surfaces vulnerable to deterioration and extreme weather conditions.

The surface has the ability to ‘breathe’ without losing its bond to the original underlying surface; the coating is UV-stable, making Plexipave products truly resilient against rain and sun.

Compared with other court options Plexipave is low-maintenance. It’s also cost effective because it can be resurfaced without the expense of first removing the old surface.


All Plexipave New Zealand products are supplied and installed by our team of professionals. These specialist applicators are part of a network of international agents that shares a commitment to quality products and excellent customer service. This shared commitment ensures that every surface is engineered to suit its specific requirements and every installation runs as smoothly as our product.